#013 Self Defense - Martial Arts and Manliness

Can You Defend Yourself and Your Family? Should You Train? Are Martial Arts for You? Let's find out with Dr. Brian Jones Our Special Guest. Tiny Survival Guide Covers Self Defense BASICS - Grab Your Tiny SURVIVAL Guide Here: https://kck.st/2Hj3Xig

Check Out Dr. Brian Jones @ http://valhallaacademy.com/ and https://www.oldschoolbjj.com/

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Additional Resources - From David and Craig...

Live Training Classes @ Nature Reliance School: www.NatureReliance.org (Craig’s School)

YouTube - Nature Reliance School (Craig’s Channel)

YouTube - Ultimate Survival Tips (David’s Channel)

MSK-1 Survival Knife System (David’s Sweet Knife): www.MSK1Knife.com

Ultimate Survival Tips - Website: www.UltimateSurvivalTips.com

Free Survival e-MAG (From Ultimate Survival Tips)

BOOK: Extreme Wilderness Survival - By Craig: https://amzn.to/2DQczdQ

BOOK: Ultimate Wilderness Gear - By Craig: https://amzn.to/2DQiY8H

BOOK: Essential Wilderness Navigation - By Craig: https://amzn.to/2PL7YQx

THE Survival Show - Team

Craig is the founder of Nature Reliance School and the Author of: Extreme Wilderness Survival, Ultimate Wilderness Gear and Essential Wilderness Navigation.

David is the Founder of Ultimate Survival Tips, Author of Tiny Survival Guide, Designer of MSK-1 Survival Knife System and a Former US Marine.

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